Monday, August 31, 2009

I should explain

OK, yesterday I posted my reflections on how grateful I am for all of the things that have been happening in my life. And I ended that post with a comment that I now realize needs some explaining.

"I see the chessboard and I understand completely..."

First off, Wink, you're only seeing part of the picture with your comment about how well protected I am. I see that in the fact that while so many other companies are cutting back and laying off, I'm being given a golden opportunity to travel, learn and transfer a product back to my workplace. And this is not the first time that I've been entrusted with such a responsibility. So, yes I am indeed, protected!

Now here's the rest of the explanation:
Most of you are aware that I'm extensively involved in my church, and I have a very deep spiritual side that I will occasionally discuss here. And one aspect of my spirituality is the fact that I have a prophetic Seer's gift.
For those of you who don't know what that is, very simply, it means I "see" things. When the Holy Spirit wishes to communicate something significant to me, I will receive mental images, dreams and sometimes even visions. Typically the images are symbolic of something. I'm usually able to discern what the visions represent on my own. However, if I'm unsure of what the images mean, I will have to ask others - people who I know that have similar or complimentary gifts - what their interpretations of the images might be. And they usually have great insight to share with me. And these are ways in which we mutually grow in faith with one another.
So, where does the chessboard come in with all of this?
Sometimes, God likes to demonstrate His sense of humor to me while still encouraging me and comforting me. And that is when the Spirit will flash the image of a chessboard - in full play - into my heart/mind.
I have learned that the chessboard represents God's strategy. He likes to let me know that ultimately He is the one moving the pieces around to achieve His victory. Whether I know what His plans are or not. As long as I trust Him to play things out right, I will share in that victory. I may not be able see His strategy, or how far ahead He is planning His moves. All He asks of me is that I be where He places me for whenever He's ready to use me again.

So, I see the chessboard and God is moving all of the pieces into place for His purposes in my life. What will He do next, and how will I be allowed to serve Him?

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Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Michael, I feel bad that I missed this post. I was just on my Word Press dashboard and noticed the track back and came here to read.
The chessboard is such a great analogy! I see that we all have a purpose/position. We have freedoms and restrictions with which to make our paths, all with a common purpose.
I love it!

10:44 PM  

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