Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another night out

So, last night JT and I headed to The Net Outreach in Butler for another concert. Of course, the evening began with diner at our favorite Chinese buffet, but then we were off to the show.
It was a CD release party. The first band was About A Mile. I really liked these guys.

They started out things with a funky blues sound.

I loved the slap technique with the guitar. He was really good.

I can't tell you how much we enjoyed this show. These guys had a lot of energy.

I highly recommend that you check them out at their Myspace page. Listen to their music and enjoy the sort of fusion they get from a bit of jazz, blues and funk mixed with their rock.

The headliners were Third From First. We're getting to be friends with these guys.

They like seeing us at their shows as much as we like going to see them.

And they do put on a good show for being a local indie band.

I wonder how they'd do on a bigger stage.

Anyways, we loved the show and stuck around to talk to everyone after wards.
Of course, JT made his contacts for the podcast. Got bumpers and brief interviews from both bands.
I talked to Adam, the guitarist and vocalist for About A Mile. I mentioned how much I enjoyed his technique and let him know that I recognized the influence of Eric Johnson in his playing. His eyes lit up when I said that and I could tell he was excited to hear that comparison. But he explained that he was nowhere near that level. I just told him that it doesn't matter because the technique and influence comes through. He liked hearing that.
I also got to talk to Crystal, who runs the Outreach. I wanted to talk to her about the possibility of setting up a Compassion table at future events. She was really enthusiastic about the idea because she's already a sponsor. So I told her I could bring a few child packets each month when they have a concert, and she could say a few words between bands to encourage the fans to sponsor a child. I'd be happy if I could get one child sponsored each month. I'd be happy if I get one this year to start with. But I'm trusting God to bless this effort.
We schmoozed a bit longer with everybody. Then we headed home.
I'm so excited about my regular monthly Compassion events. My minsitry is expanding!

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