Saturday, October 10, 2009

The days are just packed

I've been a busy boy! And it's not slowing down yet, either.
A lot going on at work. Training someone to do my previous assembly work as I prepare to move into my new postion with the Lifeline products. Still a work in progress, on both counts.
I had some great conversations with my "disciples". One of which was exceptionally encouraging. For those of you who remember my various discussions with one of our manufacturing engineers, we had another great conversation yesterday. And I ended it by asking her if she had ever suspected (prior to us having these talks) that she'd be able to havesuch deep spiritual exchanges with me. Surprisingly she said "Yes. I've always found your attitude to be so much better, more postive, than nearly everyone else here." Believe it or not, that's the first time anyone has ever said that too me.
Today I have some big plans. I'll be heading over to P.Dave's shortly. We're going to the Pitt game this afternoon. So that will be cool.
Then comes the something I'm kinda reluctant to talk about; I've got a date tonight. Actually met her earlier in the week and things went well. But that's all I'm gonna say about it for now.
OK, that's how my life is shaping up recently.
Oh, before I go, Zombie Walk tomorrow !!! I'll get pics.

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Blogger Jeff A said...

Have fun at the game!

Good luck on the date.

Better be lots of pictures, I have to live vicariously through you.

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Faithy said...

Hope the date went well and can't wait to see pictures of the Zombie Walk. I know someone else who did one over the weekend, but she went to California for it! Her pics were pretty neat of her costume and such!

12:58 PM  

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