Monday, October 12, 2009

Let's go Pitt

I really enjoyed the Pitt game with P.Dave. Got to see the Great Hall again, but none of the trophies were on display.

There was a pretty decent sized crowd for the game.

You'll see more people in some of the later pics.
Had a blast with the people around us. They've gotten to know P.Dave and Ella over the last few years as they've all had season tix and have been in the same seats each year. Every time Pitt did something good there'd be high fives and chest bumps and all kinds of screaming.
Something you don't see at the Steelers games is cheerleaders.

Pretty girls are always a pleasant distraction...

Pitt came out strong, but couldn't get it in the end zone. They settled for a field goal in the first quarter, and that was the only score until U Conn scored in the second quarter.

It got a little scary after that since Pitt wasn't doing well offensively, or defensively. In the third Quarter U Conn scored twice more - once on an interception, and Pitt did nothing. But in the fourth quarter Pitt took control and scored twice to bring the game within reach. Then in the last 3 seconds of the game they kicked the winning field goal.

It was so sweet. And the crowd went wild!

After the game P.Dave and I headed over to visit his grandmother briefly. She's 102 years old. And she's in great shape! Very sharp and fairly active. I was quite pleased to finally meet her. And I joked with P.Dave about knowing what to expect now for when my mother gets to that age.
Yes, I suspect that woman will outlive many of us...
Wrapped things up and headed home to get ready for my date. Unfortunately, she called to postpone since she was tired from working all weekend. So I'll have more to share about that some other time.

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