Friday, November 13, 2009


We started our adventure at P.Dave's and headed off to Taco Bell for a quick bite. From there we were off to Millvale and Mr Smalls. We arrived around 6:15 to a short line. Much shorter than the line we waited in when Skillet was playing with Flyleaf in 07.
Anyways, doors opened at 7:00. The opening act came on at 8:00.
This is Paper Tongues.

They're an amazing hip-hop-rock/techno-rap band with a little bit of funk that makes the music jump.

They introduced themselves as a garage band from North Carolina.

But they put on one great show. We know why Flyleaf has them on their tour.

I loved their bass player, this guy was phenomenal!

Flyleaf rocks!

They came out rockin' and the crowd was fired up.

But everyone went crazy when Lacey spoke to the crowd for the first time of the evening.
"This is our love song for Jesus." was all she said, to introduced All Around Me.

Flyleaf have matured since their first release. The music and lyrics are so much more powerful on the new release. There's no guessing about their faith on this one. And Lacey even did a little "preaching" during the set.
She spoke about the fact that there's really nothing special about them that makes them so popular, just that God pulled off all kinds of miracles to get them to where they are. She also spoke of being an atheist until she was 16, but God revealed Himself to her in a powerful way as she was getting ready to commit suicide. Then she reminded everyone that God loves all of them, too. I loved it.

She also spoke of recently marrying a wonderful guy from Pittsburgh, so now this is her home. the crowd loved hearing that.

I can't say much more. The pictures speak for themselves.
After the show the guys from Paper Tongues came out to meet everyone and sign CD's and whatnot. They were really cool and loved having their pictures taken with everyone.
Then Flyleaf came out to sign copies of their new CD. So I had them sign my copy. JT did too. They were so cool to everyone. Nobody was allowed to take pictures, but Flyleaf took the time to say something to everyone who had a CD to be signed. Ya gotta love that about them.

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