Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Anonymous

So, I found this new comment in my mailbox to an old post that has me really confused. Or maybe it's the person who wrote the comment who is really confused, because I have no idea what this person is talking about.
See for yourself...

"Your fruit of actions sound louder than your words...Unfortunitly your actions of late(bigomy, lieing,unaccountable for actions) have been corupeted and there is little going on inside are far as shame of the fruit you have produced. Nor do you feel it is right to apoigise and make restitution to all you have harmed or wronged. How can you justify in Gods eyes that what you do is upright?"

Anonymous, I just want you to know that I am not JD. I simply quoted him. And that quote came from a time when he was at least acting like a respectable and faithful follower of Christ. But I'm in no position to comment any further on his behavior since that time. I've neither seen nor spoken to him in more than a year. So, whatever accusations you seem to be leveling in your comment - you've got the wrong guy! Check my profile and see for yourself.
However, if you think you know me and you're convinced that I am the right guy, please present your reasons for believing that I've commited bigamy. I know I've lied, plenty of times, but you'll need to point out some specific examples of my lying so I can apologize for them. Then I'll be willing to stand accountable for my actions. Otherwise, try not to hide behind your anonymity if you're going to bring such allegations against me. Especially if you've mistaken my blog for someone elses.

BTW, your spelling is an abomination before God and men, and your grammar leaves much to be desired.

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Anonymous Paula said...

Now that's not my sweet Michael... telling mr. anonymous his spelling stinks and all that! I know you were attacked but no need for battle.... easy there, soldier!

Unfortunately I have no clue what either you are referring to but as an outsider to the matter, my perception of this public display is first disheartening that somebody is unable to bring their concerns of questionable behavior directly to you in order that you can make ammends - just as you expressed. Because you are a person who does appologize (don't beat me up if I spelled that wrong, mister!) when you do wrong. I've witnessed this personally. Secondly, that others now have to read this who are clueless!!

At any rate, my perception is that this was about a lot more than anonymous revealed (in order to remain anonymous) so maybe you should let it go. If this is something God wants to see resolved, let's hope anonymous comes to you personally.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And really... there is no need to bring family into this! You shouldn't talk about his grammar like that. I'm sure she is a sweet woman.


3:06 AM  

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