Tuesday, December 08, 2009

More pics - n other stuff

I wanted to share a few more of the pics that Paula and I took together last week. In part because I really like them. But more importantly because Paula is a professional photographer (you can check out some of her work at Studio Paula), and we had some fun taking them - as well as editing them a little bit, too.

We didn't do anything to alter the ones that are just below, but I absolutely love the subject of these shots.

I love her smile in both of these pics. Especially the one below since she looks so playful in it.

And you all know me and my love for edged weaponry. Well, we couldn't resist playing around with one of my favorite toys.

Doesn't she look like she's having fun with it? Is it any wonder I love her so much...

Then we did a little more "serious" pose.

Cropped it a little and shaded it.

Then we edited the color.

I really enjoyed creating those pics with her.
Then we got one of her and my masterpiece of body art.

This is sooooo cool because she was originally put off by my branding and tattoo. It's not something she ever expected her soul-mate to have or be interested in. Yet, here I am! And she has come to truly love the whole design. Now she says she can feel the energy that my brand puts out and she can't resist touching it when she's with me.

After I finished playing with my camera, Paula took a few pics of me. And of course, since we were playing I had to have my toys in this shot with me.
Paula liked taking this one.

So I e-mailed her the pics that she wanted and she used Photoshop to blend these two together.

This is such an awesome creation.
OK, that's all I wanted to share with everyone. I hope you liked the pics.

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Anonymous Faithy said...

I checked out Paula's site a few days ago and all I have to say is that she is really talented!!!

9:53 AM  
Blogger M+ said...

Isn't she ?!?
I'm blessed to have such a talented lady!

6:11 PM  

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