Monday, August 31, 2009

I should explain

OK, yesterday I posted my reflections on how grateful I am for all of the things that have been happening in my life. And I ended that post with a comment that I now realize needs some explaining.

"I see the chessboard and I understand completely..."

First off, Wink, you're only seeing part of the picture with your comment about how well protected I am. I see that in the fact that while so many other companies are cutting back and laying off, I'm being given a golden opportunity to travel, learn and transfer a product back to my workplace. And this is not the first time that I've been entrusted with such a responsibility. So, yes I am indeed, protected!

Now here's the rest of the explanation:
Most of you are aware that I'm extensively involved in my church, and I have a very deep spiritual side that I will occasionally discuss here. And one aspect of my spirituality is the fact that I have a prophetic Seer's gift.
For those of you who don't know what that is, very simply, it means I "see" things. When the Holy Spirit wishes to communicate something significant to me, I will receive mental images, dreams and sometimes even visions. Typically the images are symbolic of something. I'm usually able to discern what the visions represent on my own. However, if I'm unsure of what the images mean, I will have to ask others - people who I know that have similar or complimentary gifts - what their interpretations of the images might be. And they usually have great insight to share with me. And these are ways in which we mutually grow in faith with one another.
So, where does the chessboard come in with all of this?
Sometimes, God likes to demonstrate His sense of humor to me while still encouraging me and comforting me. And that is when the Spirit will flash the image of a chessboard - in full play - into my heart/mind.
I have learned that the chessboard represents God's strategy. He likes to let me know that ultimately He is the one moving the pieces around to achieve His victory. Whether I know what His plans are or not. As long as I trust Him to play things out right, I will share in that victory. I may not be able see His strategy, or how far ahead He is planning His moves. All He asks of me is that I be where He places me for whenever He's ready to use me again.

So, I see the chessboard and God is moving all of the pieces into place for His purposes in my life. What will He do next, and how will I be allowed to serve Him?

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

That was so freakin' AWESOME !!!

Last night's Steelers game was good, but the overall evening for me was just...

Well, you've read the title...

Anyways, it began yesterday around noon with a phone call from P.Dave asking me if I could be at the church between 3:30 and 4:00. This was because his wife's aunt (Patrick's grandmother) wanted all of us - meaning their family - to get together for something to eat prior to Patrick having to leave for "work". No problem for me.
So I did the things I had to do, made dinner (fried chicken and corn fritters) so Bob would have something to eat when I left. And I reminded him that he'd have to walk to work, but I'd pick him up when he was done.
I got to P.Dave's around 3:20. And then we waited. P.Dave's wife and mother-in-law had gone out to do some shopping and they hadn't come back yet. So, we had to wait for them to return and get ready. Without going into too much detail, we ended up leaving for Patrick's apartment sometime around 4:00 - which was pretty close to when we wanted to leave. Not too bad for a bunch of Lutherans...
We made it to the North Shore before 5:00 - which is good on a game day! - and found parking about two blocks away from the apartment building. So we didn't have to pay for our parking. But we would have to walk to Heinz Field. But that's not a bad thing, considering that you can see PNC Park from the apartment build...

And Heinz Field is kinda right next door.
Of course, Patrick had already left, so we visited with the rest of his family while we waited. So I got to meet Patricks parents, one of his brothers, his grandparents, and his girlfriend. And they were just wonderful people.
I hate to say this, but I'm drawing a blank on some of their names. I remember Mickey is his dad, James is his brother, and Jim is his grandfather. His grandmother's name is Donna, but I can't remember his mother's or his girlfriend's names. And of course, our entourage was myself, P.Dave, his wife Ella, daughter Carissa, and Ella's parents - whose names also escape me.
Either way, we sat around talking about all kinds of stuff, and we had snacks to munch on. I was especially fond of Grandma's/Aunt Donna's zucchini bread with chocolate chips in it. Oh, was that every goooood!
We left for the game somtime around 6:30. And made it in decent time. I say that because I forgot to mention that Ella's dad has some health issues and needed a wheelchair to get around. So we had to take our time with him.
Once we got inside we headed towards the seats, but not before I got a few pics of the Steelers warming up on the field.

And as we found our way to our seats I managed to get this shot of The Great Hall.

I wish we'd have gotten here sooner so I could've gone in and looked around and taken some pics of the things on display. Especially the SIX Vince Lombardi Trophies...
But I may have other chances to see them again.
We walked around to where Patrick's family had their seats. And this was their view of the field.

Their seats were right between the 15 and 20 yard lines.
P.Dave and I lingered around for awhile to make sure everybody was situated. We did have our concerns for his father-in-law and wanted to make sure they didn't need us to help him with anything before we headed up to our seats. But all was well.
We paused momentarily as the Steelers were being announced and I managed to get this shot of them coming onto the field.

And then we hurried up to our seats.
I gotta tell ya, even though the seats are way up high and far away from the field, you can see everything that happens during a play. And even better, none of the other people around us were obnoxiously drunk.
I was really glad to get this pic because it's right before the opening kick-off and you can see Patrick right smack-dab in the middle of it.

And then came the kick-off.

I didn't really get any other pics from up here.
But sometime during the first quarter P.Dave got a text from Ella saying that there were all kinds of empty seats around them and we should come down and sit with them. So, after the first quarter ended we did.
And this was our view for the rest of the game.

Then half-time rolled around and they presented Patrick with is Rookie of the Year award.

They showed highlights from his rookie season.

It took a few seconds for the camera to adjust to the lighhting, but I got the whole thing.
Then Patrick gave his "speech".

It was a good speech and we joked with him about it later on. But he explained that he had a better speech written, but he couldn't remember anything he had written because his head was still "in the game". But he did make sure to thank Steeler Nation for being the greatest fans in the world.
And Steeler Nation are the greatest fans in the world !!!
So we watched the rest of the game and even got to see Patrick playing on the defense through the fourth quarter. That's him on the end of the front line in ths shot.

He did good. Got some pressure on the QB a couple of times. And that was while being blocked by a guy who was a head taller and probably a hundred pounds heavier than he is. And He also made a great tackle on a pass play.
After the game, his family had their passes to go to the locker room so they could leave with him. They had eight and were trying to decide who should go. Ultimately they decided that since his grandparents, and Ella's parents, wouldn't have as many chances to see him as the rest of them would they should be able to go. They also decided that me and Carissa wouldn't have that many chances to go to the locker room and see the other players, and that this would be a great thing for us. So we each got one. Then the last two were for James and Patricks' girlfriend.
So I got to go to the locker room. I got to see some of the players. I'm actually bigger than James Harrison. And I'm about the same size as Kasey Hampton. But a lot of the guys stood at least a head taller than me. Patrick did introduce us to a couple of the other players. We walked out with Jeff Reed - who had an entourage of really pretty girls with him. And it wasn't even the fabled blonde, brunette and redhead. No. Jeff Reed had two blondes, a brunette, a brunette with blond highlights and a redhead - more auburn then red, but still a redhead in my book. How insane is that?
We all walked out together, but since I was pushing a wheelchair and walking with Patrick's grandparents, we fell a bit behind. And it was kinda strange for me as we came out of the building and there were lines of people waiting to see the Steelers as they we leaving, so they could ask for autographs. Not that people waiting for autographs was a strange thought to me, but as I came out they were asking me for my autograph...

Who did they think I was?

I was wearing a Hines Ward jersey - another wonderful present from my really cool brother - but they couldn't possibly have thought I was him. Could they?
It kinda freaked me out. I wanted to say something, but it was just too loud to speak over. And I would've signed stuff, but that would've just been wrong. So I just kinda kept my eyes forward and pushed the wheelchair.
When we got out to the player's parking area there were even more people waiting around those fences. There was even one lady that was kinda ranting about how nobody was coming over to sign stuff over by where they were waiting, and they had been waiting for almost an hour. And, yes, she was directing a part of her rant towards me. I don't think I would've felt bad afterwards if I had given her my autograph...
Patrick pulled his car around so his grandparents and Ella's parents - I guess I could call them his aunt and uncle (I'm just trying to avoid more confusion) - could get in. But the rest of us gathered by one of the gates and then we walked back to the apartment.
When we got back to the apartment, Patrick's parents had tossed a few frozen pizzas in the oven so we could all have a bite to eat. And we sat around and talked some more. Watched the highlights from the game on the 11:00 news and just relaxed in general.
Sometime around midnight we decided that we should probably leave since P.Dave had to get up early to finish his sermon for the morning service - slacker! And the rest of us were worn out from the entire days activities.
We made it back to the church shortly after 12:30 and as I left I realized that I hadn't had any substantial food all day. So I stopped at Sheetz for what is quickly becoming a traditional late-nite-after-some-event meal for me; a pretzel melt and fries washed down by Mountain Dew. But this time I opted for turkey instead of roast beef.
I then came home and loaded the pics onto my computer so I could post this today. Then when the time came I picked-up Bob from work.

The end of another glorious adventure!

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Reflections on everything

You know, in a few of my previous posts I kinda made light of some of the really great things that have been happening for me lately. I mean, I do say that I'm thankful to God and to the people who are so generous to me for what they do for or give to me. But maybe it has come across a bit too lightly.

I am looking at last night, and all of the things that made it possible, and the kindness of all the people who made it possible, and I am truly thankful. My heart is just so filled with gratitude right now that I don't know how to express it. So here it is;

*To my really cool brother, thanks for watching out for me and being so good to me when I am in no position to ever show you such kindness.
*To Patrick - if you happen to read this - thanks for just being a good guy. And thanks for joining in with JT and I as we constantly pick on P.Dave when we're hanging out. We don't want to have to go to Hell all by ourselves for picking on our pastor...
*To Patrick's family, thanks for making me feel welcomed as one of your own.
*To P.Dave, thanks for being my friend as much as my pastor.
*To Ella and Carissa, thanks for sharing your husband and dad with the rest of us.

And finally

*To God, the Lord of Heaven's Armies, for taking an interest in my interests and opening doors of opportunity for me to have experiences that I never really considered possible before now.
I see the chessboard and I understand completely...

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Before I forget

Today is the opening of the Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival for this year.

So if you're into that sort of thing, and I am, then you ought to consider going. Especially now since you can get a coupon at Wendy's for BOGO admissions - good for this weekend only.
Of course, I'll have to miss the opening festivities this year because I'm going to tonight's Steelers game. Besides, I think the Wendy's coupons are still good for $2 off admissions any other weekend. So I can always go one of the other 6 weekends that it lasts. It actually runs into October this year.
And, for those of you who've never been to a Ren Fest, you can check out my pics from last year's visit here. Hopefully you'll be encouraged to go by reading about my (mis)adventures.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quote for 8/27/09

"Travel makes a wise man better, and a fool worse."
Thomas Fuller


It gets even better !!!

OK, new surprise from God today!

A month or so ago I signed-up/volunteered to be part of a Product Line Transfer project at work. Today I was informed that I will be a part of that project. And what does that mean?

I'm glad you asked!

It means I get to go to Boston for a week to learn how to build the product being transfered.
On Sunday, September 20th, I will join 6-10 co-workers as we fly to Boston for the week long project. Once we're there we will learn as much as we possibly can about the assembly, operation, testing and repair of the product being transfered. We will be returning home on Friday, September 25th. On Monday, September 28th we'll begin implementation of the transfer here at our facility in Murrysville.
I'm not at libery to say much more about it, yet. But I'll keep everyone posted as I can.

It's amazing what God seems to be pulling off for me lately. And, as usual, He leaves me wondering what He'll do to surprise me next. Maybe a financial blessing that would help me get out of my paycheck-to-paycheck living. Or maybe the woman of my dreams will knock on my door, send me an e-mail or a friend request on Myspace or Facebook. Who knows? All I know is that I'm thankful for whatever He sends my way. And I see that the more gratitude I express, the more easily the blessings seem to flow.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Even more geeked !!!

Alright, I have to admit, after the early arrival of my Awake CD I thought God was done with the surprises for me for now. But last night I discovered otherwise.

I have a really cool brother. And he just happens to be sharing season tickets to the Steelers with a friend. So he gets two tix to so many games each year. And that includes the pre-season games. Being that he's my really cool brother, and since he's my older brother, he's always watching out for me. So he gave me the tix to this Saturdays game.
OK, that's really cool and all, but that's not the surprise.
Of course, I need someone to go with me. And rather than asking JT, who is no fan of any sport, I asked P.Dave. Now P.Dave, as some of you know, has a cousin (Patrick Bailey) who plays for the Steeelers. So you might think it odd that I ask the guy who could probably get better seats than the ones I have if he'd like to join me. But P.Dave understands why I ask him and not someone else. So he agreed.
That's not the surprise either.
Well, P.Dave called me last night to confirm that he would be going to the game on Saturday with me. But there was more. It seems that Patrick will be receiving his Rookie of the Year award during half-time at this game. And I'll be there to see it.
And that's the surprise.

Not to mention, most of Patrick's family will be coming in from elsewhere, so we'll probably get to spend time with all of them afterwards, too.

Isn't it cool when God does stuff like this?

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quote for 8/25/09

"Nature is a revelation of God; Art a revelation of man."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm so geeked !!!

Who loves me?
Jesus loves me!
And sometimes He shows me in ways I could never imagine. For instance, I checked my mail today and found a wonderful surprise waiting for me...

My brand, spankin' new Skillet, Awake pre-order package. It's not supposed to be here til tomorrow on it's offical release date. But it's early, and I have to wonder if any of the other Panheads have gotten theirs yet. I guess I'll have to check the forums after I get done posting this.

Actually, I'm pretty sure it came in Saturday's mail since there were some ads on top of it that are typically delivered on Saturday. And all of that was under the junk that usually comes every Monday. But I haven't checked my mail since Friday, so it could've come then, too. Who knows? All I know is I have it and I'm gonna load it onto my computer so I can put it on my Creative Zen and spend my whole day at work jammin to it tomorrow. And of course it will be in my car for the next few weeks, unless Bob does something with it...

Yes, apparently some of the other Panheads have their copies already too. But from what I can tell they only got theirs today. So I'm still Jesus' favorite!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

What you've been missing

Actually, it'd be a better description to say "What I haven't been sharing"

It's been a fairly busy week. And I shold've posted about it sooner, but as I said, it's been a fairly busy week.

Things started on Monday evening with Chocolate Sundae Jesus' first concert.

It was supposed to be for the National Night Out, but Monroeville had ours on August 4th. So I have no idea what was going on. Either way, since Dave is so active in the community, and he's involved with the Mon Valley Initiative, the organizers ask him if he could provide the entertainment. And that was us.

It was a 5 song set. No big deal. But we had fun, and the kids seemed to be OK with it. It was the activity that followed that had us a bit irked.
Apparently you can't mix words like "zen" and "Christian" without speaking horrific blasphemy...
Prior to our set, there was a lady at the event who approached Julian (our drummer) and his wife Chrissy who had their darling daughter Satori with them. When asked about Satori's name, Julian explained that it's a buddhist word that means "the place where enlightenment occurs". So the woman immediately began to "witness" to them about Jesus and tell them that Buddhism is a false religion, blah, blah, blah...
To which Julian tried to explain that he is a "zen Christian", because he doesn't quite like the term "Christian" because of what people have begun to associate with Christianity - as an organized religion.
Now, the term "zen Christian" is one that was coined by JT in regard to how he applies Christ's teachings to his own life. And you can read about that here.
Well, when it came time for us to play, the conversation broke off, and we thought things were done with. But they weren't. Instead, after the show, this lady brought a man to us to ask us about the whole "zen Christian" thing. And no matter what JT, Julian and even P.Dave said, no matter how much scripture they applied to this particular idea, the guy just couldn't get past the word "zen". So we must not really be Christians.
I guess it's a good thing I didn't tell him I consider myself to be a "pagan Christian"...
I'm not about to explain it now. Maybe I will some other time.

But it wasn't the actual conversation that troubled us. It wasn't even the fact that the guy seems to think we're all going to Hell for using the word "zen" with "Christian". It's the fact that there were well over a dozen kids who wanted to talk to us about who-knows-what, and we couldn't because this self-righteous pharisee wouldn't stop arguing long enough to let us really be about our minstry.
However, from my perspective, anytime you try to do something that will affect change, you'll find opposition. And even more so if it's really what God wants you to do, because the enemy doesn't want you to succeed.
In any event, we all went out to dinner afterwards and tried to get past the whole thing. I think we did OK.

Tuesday was laundry day for me. Since I was at Purple Door on Saturday, I didn't get to do it then. And then with the concert on Monday, I couldn't do it then. And since I was running out of clean socks and underwear, i had to blow-off church to get some done.
Also on Tuesday, P.Dave announced at church that there was no longer going to be a Tuesday Evening Family Service. For those of us who contribute to it - as in offer our leadership and trying to make it into more than just another church service - it was getting to be a bit too much of a drain. It was also becoming a mis-use of our resources in that respect. So P.Dave decided to end it before it became a real drain on all of us.
Wednesday I did my grocery shopping. And just in time. I was getting down to canned tuna and mac-n-cheese. While I can make a great meal out of that, I need something better.
Thursday was a great day. Guess who came over for a visit...

Aliesha brought the little guy over since I hadn't seen him in a couple of weeks.

He is getting so big!
Aliesha had to meet with her mom, and my house is a bit easier for the Ex to get to than fighting the traffic to get to Pitcairn where Aliesha is. So that's where they met.
While we waited, I had fun with CJ. He fussed a little but we fixed it by turning the fan on right in front of him. He loved it. Then we went outside and he watched the cars going up and down my street. He's gonna be a NASCAR fan...

Friday, Bob came home from his mother's.
Oh, that's right. I didn't mention that Bob went to his mother's on Sunday. So he spent a week visiting with his mother and his little brother, Sammy. He came home so we got caught up on what's going on. Its' weird how much we missed each other. So we hung out together for awhile, before his friends called and he went out running.

Today, I have a graduation party to go to. It's for JT's son Rob. And then tonight I get to babysit CJ. I'm keeping him overnight again and taking him to church with me tomorrow. This should be interesting...

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Quote for 8/17/09

"The luster of diamonds is invigorated by the interposition of darker bodies; the lights of a picture are created by the shades; the highest pleasure which nature has indulged to sensitive perception is that of rest after fatigue."

Samuel Johnson

Yeah, I get it!
Took today off because I didn't get enough rest (after my fatigue from Purple Door) yesterday. Sunburn is making hard for me to sleep...


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Purple Door 09 Sampler

I've decided that it might be a nice idea to add a sample playlist here so everyone can check out some of the bands that I saw at Purple Door while you're reading about mine and JT's (mis)adventures there.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

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Purple Door 09

The day began early. I was up at 5:45 AM. Showered, shaved and loaded-up for the road by 6:00 AM. I made a quick stop to top off the gas tank and then picked up JT before 7:00 AM, for our excursion to Purple Door. We made one stop at Giant Eagle to grab a case of water and a bag of ice for the cooler - so we could stay hydrated during the day. We also grabbed some road munchies to get us through the ride.
We only had to stop once on our way out. That was at Sidling Hill, so JT could grab some coffea at Starbucks. And so we could use the restrooms, but the coffee was more important to JT.
Took us a little bit over 3 hours to get there.

We found the Compassion booth right away. Since I was here last year, I knew right where it would be. It was great seeing Randy again, as it always is. We, also visited with the other advoctes for a few minutes before heading out into the festivities.
The first band I wanted to see for the day was Reilly. I highly recommend checking out the video on their page...

I saw them at Creation and really liked their sound.

And I thought JT might like them too. He did.

We came over as they were playing their cover version of Buffalo Springfield's For What It's Worth (Stop! Children, what's that sound... - you know the rest). They do an incredible job with it, too.
Then they do their dueling violins thing, which is pretty cool. I can't really describe their sound - which is why I recommend checking out the video at their page.

Afterwards, JT went in to the merch area to talk to them. He grabbed their CDs and got their permission to play their music on his podcast. So that's cool. And he was doing this all day long with so many of the bands - especially the ones who played on the Gallery Stage. But that's one of the reasons why I like taking JT to these festivals with me. I do what I can to get the word out about his podcast and this helps. And we always do have fun.
Meanwhile, I headed over to the HM Stage to see what was happening there. And to say "Hi" to the Security Crew people.
Becoming The Archetype was on stage.

Yeah, they're hardcore. And if you go to their Myspace page I suggest you check out their version of How Great Thou Art (Jeff, this means you!).

One thing I will admit seemed strange to me about their show was that they ended it with a song titled End Of The Age. The last line of which is simply "Halleluiah! Halleluiah!", screamed, of course. But imagine that being done by several hundred young people, all with their "devil horns" pumping in the air...
When their set wasdone it was time to wrap up for lunch. And that's when I went back to the stage area to talk to all of my friends from Creation's Fringe Stage Security Crew. I had brought pics from Creation with to share with all of them. But I dind't get any new pics here. They were all busy and I didn't want to interrupt their lunch break.
I headed back to the Compassion booth for a few minutes, and to get a bottle of water. That's when Randy asked me if I'd be interested in doing a presentation from the HM Stage. Of course, I said "Yes", and at 1:30 I stood up and talked about Compassion.

Thanks, JT, for getting the pic of me on stage.
When I was finished I left the HM Stage for the Main Stage. Children 18:3 were playing there and I wanted to see them, again!

Another great live show! These kids do get better every time I see them.
After their set they went to the Main Stage merch area to sign stuff and talk to anyone who wanted to. I went.
I had taken quite a few pics of these kids at Creation. So I made several prints of those pics for them, since they keep a scrapbook of them on their merch table. But more than that, I made an 8 x 10 print of This shot and had them each sign it for me. That was cool. But I also got my pic taken with each of them, too.

At Vertical Fest they had a box for donations to their food expenses. So I tossed a few bucks into it before I talked to Lee Marie. She thanked me as I asked her to sign the pic, and I promised her that if they ever come to Pittsburgh, I'll feed them so they can use their money for more important things.
Seth was really cool about all of it. He actually saw me back in the line and waved to me and asked if I had the pics. I showed him what I had and he really liked them.

David was feeling much better this time around. I get the feeling he's struggling with something ongoing. But I didn't feel lead to pray with him this time.

All in all, it was great to see and talk to them.
Took a little break after this. Stopped at the Compassion booth for more water. Asked Randy what time he needed me to be at the booth for my shift. He said anytime I'm ready. So I asked if it would be OK if I caught the last two bands at the HM Stage, and he was fine with that.
The first badn up was The Showdown.

Yeah, it was hardcore!

And here's a little bit of video of the mosh pit. No moshing, just a bunch of kids swirling. But that's what the lead singer said he wanted to see.

Eventually it became a mosh pit. And yes, I jumped into it for a few minutes.

The Showdown finished up and then came Project 86.
These guys are awesome live!

For the last song of their set they had the entire audience moshing. It was great seeing everybody moving as they yelled out the last lines of the song Steins Theme:

You hate us cuz we'll never go away
and like some sort of fungus
we're growing everyday
our knuckles aren't draggin'
I guess that leaves us say
our message isn't stoppin'
til you drag us all away!

and repeat...

They're the only band that had an encore - even of the bands at the Main Stage. And when they cam back out, the crowd went nuts, again.

This was so everyone could sing along. And we did!

And again, the entire audience was moshing and screaming along to Spyhunter. Who could ask for more?

That wrapped things up for the HM Stage. So I returned to the Compassion booth to work my shift. Fortunately, the booth is set up with a good view of the Main Stage. So I didn't have to miss any of the rest of the bands.
I got back in time to see Fireflight another band that I really like, and have seen several times before.

The distance was a bit of an obstacle for the picture taking. But I still like the shots I got.
Now, some of you may remember Sam from my Creation post. Well, it was great to see him here too.

And I was glad to get a pic with him.
This was an interesting character...

Moo... ?
No idea why, or if there's any significance to wearing a cow costume to Purple Door. And I was afraid to ask.
And this was The Purple Door. I signed it.

As things were kinda slow, Randy let me go grab a bite to eat. So, this is what I chose: Chocolate covered frozen cheesecake. Mmmmmmmmmmm...

The main speaker of the evening was Stephen Christian of Anberlin. He had a compelling message encouraging the audience to "do something". He reminded everyone that even the smallest efforts have an impact. And he pointed to the scriptures which tell us that true religion, or pure religion, is to care for the widows and orphans (James 1:26-27). This stirred up a few people to come to the Compassion booth.
Shortly afterwards Disciple hit the stage.

This is another one of those bands that I really like and have ssen before. But this was the band that JT was really looking forward to catching. And when they finished he headed off to the Main Stage merch area to get a signed poster. JT pointed out to me that he had autographed posters from every band he's seen, except these guys. So it was a good idea.
Next up was a band called Mewithoutyou. I wouldn't know what to call their style, but some of their songs reminded me of Rusted Root. It was not what JT and I were expecting after Disciple. It was like stripping gears. But we liked them.
There was one last push for child sponsorships after this set. One of the artists who was there as both a speaker and to sell his artwork, Eric Samuel Timm, has been a Compassion sponsor for some time. He shared about his first experience visiting his sponsored child and the way it changed his life. So he stirred up the crowd for us a little bit more.
The last act of the festival was Anberlin. I had never seen them before. They put on a good show, too. I'm also not very familiar with many of their songs. So this was a good opportunity for me to get to know them. I liked them.
During this set, Randy and I were putting most of our booth materials away. We were hoping to have things good-to-go so we could all leave as quickly as possible when the festival was over. But we still had a few people walking up to the tables for a while.
In the end, there were 26 sponsorships. Not bad for this crowd, and better than last year's. We don't expect great things from the crowd at Purple Door. We know that the crowd draws a lot of people who only like the hardcore bands because they're into metal. So, we understand that the crowd may be a majority of Christians, but certainly not an overwhelming majority.
We were ready to roll by 11:30. But JT and I were both exhausted. I pushed myself to get us to Sidling Hill again in the hopes that getting some more substantial food into my mbody would fuel me for the rest of the ride. I did for a short burst. I still had to pull over somewhere between Breezewood and Bedford so we could take a nap.
After about an hour long nap I was ready to go again. Dropped JT off at 4:30-ish AM, and made it home by 5:00 AM. Slept til 11:30 and now I'm sharing the day's events with all of you. Now, I think I'll go take a nap...

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