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I had a really cool experience at work today that truly reflects my calling and demonstrates for me the direction that God has been leading me into for several months now.
The whole event actually began as I woke up early this morning from a rather disturbing dream. For some odd reason, in my dream, I was running late for work. Not only is this unusual for me, it's one of those things that really gets me agitated.
To briefly explain, there are two reasons why being late for work is so disturbing to me. First, because I am the kind of person who makes sure to have plenty of time to get somewhere - no matter where I may be going. I don't like being late. And I don't understand how some people can be habitually late for anything. I see it as a character flaw; an inability to properly manage one's time. It also demonstrates a lack of commitment to keep an appointed time. Which always leaves me wondering what else might such a person lack commitment to...
But enough on that.
The second reason why being late to work is so disturbing to me is because I'm a man. And as a man, there is a part of my identity that is wrapped up in my work. Men tend to identify more with what they do than who they actually are. When men meet for the first time in social settings one of the first questions most commonly discussed is "What do you do for a living?" (or something to that effect). So when I'm running late for work I feel as if I'm betraying some part of myself. Being less of a man. Which means I tend to see any man who tends to be habitually late as something less of a man.
But these are just my opinions and have little to do with the rest of the story. I just needed to explain that I woke up early this morning from a disturbing dream and why it was disturbing.
the thought of being late to work shook me awake much earlier than I needed to be. But it's not without good reason because once I was awake the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart about a co-worker. The Spirit politely asked me to get up and get on the computer so I could send an e-mail to my friend Shaun. He had been in a car accident a few weeks back and was injured, rather severely, but was up & about and working - though in some substantial pain. And all the Spirit asked me to type was this:

Come see me after you read this. God wants me to lay hands on you. He woke me up this morning to make sure I knew that.

And that was it.
I tended to some other e-mails to my Beloved, Paula. And I went about getting ready for work as I normally do thinking this really only had to do with Shaun needing some prayer for his injuries.
Sure enough, I get to work and go about my normal business still not too concerned about why God woke me up earlier than I had to be. I was just waiting for Shaun to come and see me. He did that shortly after my first break.
I could see that he was somewhat excited to find me, since he's not always sure of where I'll be - because I'm not always too sure of it myself. But as soon as he stepped up to me I stood up and said "Ready?" and he just nodded. So I placed my right hand in his as if we were shaking hands and then I placed my left hand on his neck and shoulder and I began to pray.

Now, before anyone get's too excited about this, there was no miraculous healing that took place. At least not any that I'm aware of. I simply prayed with a friend who needed prayer. But this wasn't really about his healing.

After I finished praying he began to talk to me about some of the things that have been going on in his life over the last few weeks. Nothing horribly disheartening, but troublesome just the same. And he has been feeling worn down by it all lately because of the injuries and some other health issues that he and his wife are dealing with. And it all seemed to come to a peak last night so that he just cried out to God for a little help. Then he comes into work to find my e-mail saying God thought his situation important enough to wake me up to get me to pray with him today.

How awesome is God to do something like that?
How awesome is God to take notice of my friend and send help to him almost immediately?
How awesome is God to pick me to be used in this way?

And this is why I testify to God's glory: His love endures forever!

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Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

How awesome, you ask? AWESOMELY awesome. : )))

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