Monday, February 22, 2010

All is well

It's been a great week as newlyweds. I have a few pictures on my camera, but none that I would like to post. The lighting just wasn't good for my camera and my niece wasn't sure how to adjust for that. But you can go to my Facebook page and see some of the pics that have been posted by Paula and a few others who had cameras.
We've been getting Paula and the kids moved in through most of the last week, a little bit at a time. It's been strenuous, and there have been some conflicts, but God has used it to help us all grow.
CJ's first birthday party was yesterday. He's getting so big.
Paula and I did our first Compassion event together as husband and wife last night. We are meant for ministry together. A band named Leo was playing in Greensburg and they're a Compassion band. I got to give a 1 minute presentation between bands. Two kids were sponsored. I wish I had more time to share about it all, but I'm wiped out from everything we've done lately. And we still have so much to do yet.
Please, just keep us in your prayers as we continue to transition our families into one.

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Anonymous faith said...

Good luck with the transition, it's always hard at first, but hopefully things will come together! I'm so happy for you guys!!! :D

P.S. I just added you on facebook, so please confirm :D

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Faith said...

Thank you :D I checked out the pictures, Loved all the dresses! Everything looked nice!! :D

9:36 AM  

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