Friday, February 05, 2010

Still alive

In case any of you were wondering; Yes! I am still alive. Paula and I have been busy planning the wedding, so I haven't had any time to post anything. Now, mind you, there has been a lot of good stuff going on for us, I just haven't been able to share any of it with all of you. Sorry.
But don't worry, when the dust has settled, and Paula and I are blissfully wed, I'll be able to return to a bit more regular posting schedule - I hope...
Who knows what God will do with us next?

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Anonymous Future Mrs. Michael C. Cross said...

Gosh, golly gee, Michael.... What makes you think anything is going to settle down?


12:01 AM  
Anonymous Mrs. Michael Cross next week said...

Well, you are busy (I'm not... I'm only getting married next week) so I can share about what's going on with you lately....


I must share that the storm has really taken Michael aback... as his broom busted in half on him earlier this evening while sweeping his porch steps!

Hmmm.... what else! Oh, nothing much... just that his son Bob saved a disabled man and his wife from a burning truck after attempting to push them up the hill! (But we don't know the whole story so Michael will hafta keep you posted since this just happened a short while ago.)

Hmmmm.... what else.... Oh, yes... Michael is a good cook. Loves making Chinese dishes!

Okay... I know there's more... Hmmm... Oh, yes! Michael grew a beard for me! Maybe he can post a picture.

And what else? Oh...I'd love to tell you about his day at the youth convention but he might get mad at me if I steal his joy so I'll just tell you how bright he is instead! He calls me during his dinner break, right... and says how he only took ten bucks with him to eat off of for the day. After getting his lunch he had like $2.83 left - including the change he found in his car. So, he's talking to me while walking through WalMart trying to figure out what he can eat and drink with the money he has. He came close to a solution when he found a sub for a couple dollars and a can of soda from the machine for fifty cents until he remembered the TAX which took him like eight cents over! Boy was he bummed. Ultimately, he ended up with a bag of snacky somethings I don't even remember - that's how unappealing it sounded to me as his dinner. But he was satisfied and thankful. That is until the next DAY when he realized he had his debit card on him the entire time with money in his checking account that he could have used and how it never dawned on him!!! In his words..... "Doh!"

Ha! I think that is so funny!

***And he's all mine after next Sunday!

12:27 AM  
Blogger M+ said...

Future Mrs. Michael Cross,
I've decided that I'm going to make a complete post in reply to your comments. Watch for it to appear shortly...

8:05 AM  

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