Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coming back to life

Has it really been seven months?
I guess so. Especially since I can clearly see that my last post was from March 30th and today is November 30th. Where has the time gone?
It's hard for me to want to write anything at the moment. I've been away from it long enough that it seems foreign to me. I feel out of my element. Yet, I feel as if this is the direction God wants me to take.
I suppose filling everybody in on what has been happening with Paula and I would be a good place to start.
Life is good.
We've done so much together and things are just exploding for us, spiritually speaking. It's been a whirlwind of activities and changes that have taken us by surprise at times. We've left The Revolution Church, though not for anything negative. We still support the vision of P.Dave, but we felt that God was calling us to be elsewhere. That, and because there was something absent for Paula's kids there. We needed to find a youth group where we could get them involved, and growing in their own faith, instead of just showing up with us at church on Sundays. So that is what we've done by returning to the church I grew up in. And while doing that we believed we might find opportunities to serve in our new church, every urging of the Holy Spirit is to simply "wait". We seem to be in a time of restoring and rest instead of service.
In May, Paula and I visited Fort Recovery together when one of my uncles passed away. She fell as in love with the place as I have always loved it. And we do believe that we're called to be there someday, soon. But we're waiting to see what doors God opens for us with that.
We had an amazing summer as we attended Creation, Purple Door and Uprise together as volunteers for Compassion. And in doing so, we've found ourselves profoundly challenged to really solidify our commitment to Christ. Not to mention, we attended a few smaller concerts as volunteers and have found ourselves engaged in a somewhat unique ministry of praying with the bands or their representatives before we leave the event. It's just something the Spirit placed on our hearts. And the thing about it that strikes me as odd is that each time we've prayed with someone, they've said "Nobody's ever done that for us before.". Something is truly lacking when prayer is missing from a Christian event...
We've had some ups-n-downs with the kids. Bob has decided to leave us to live with his mother. But I get the feeling he's regretting it. Tim, Paula's youngest (13 yr old), had such issues with the atmosphere at Gateway that we enrolled him in cyber-school. Tad, Paula's 15 year old, actually did good as a part of Gateway's 9th grade football team. Otherwise, the blended family seems to be mashing itself together alright.
Paula hasn't been working very steadily, sporadic photo sessions here and there - which is the nature of being self-employed in economic times such as these. It's made things kinda tight for us, but God provides. As a result of some of her free-time, Paula has been writing a book. We've looked into all sorts of publishing possibilities and most of them would cost outrageous sums of money to get started. So we're looking into self-publishing of a different kind. But I'll share more on that as it developes.
I've also been inspired to write a book. Unfortunately I don't have the kind of free-time to just sit down and get started. So, I'm doing bits and pieces of research for it as I can. But more than anything I'm waiting for Paula to finish up with hers.
Paula joined Mom and I on our annual pilgrimage to Fort Recovery for Thankgiving. It was an awesome time there. Paula is so inspired by my aunts and uncles. She was absolutely enthralled by so many of the stories they tell. She's considering asking them if she could put them into a book so their kids would have them as keepsakes for years to come. What an amazing idea. My Baby is just wonderful...
Well, I guess that's all I have for now. I think I've covered all of the important stuff. I apologize for being away for so long. I'll try not to let it happen again. But I'm sure some of you remember what it's like to be a newlywed.

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Blogger Jeff A said...

Glad you're climbing back on the blog horse. Sounds like you two have been pretty busy. It's been slow for me as well. I am lucky that I have children going to two separate private schools. I get good leads there.
God bless

11:27 PM  

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